24 September 2020

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Breaking News! The Cure For Coronavirus Has Been Found! Best foods for corona

British Sky News has announced that the British military has discovered a substance that kills the corona virus. Citriodiol in insecticides and repellent drugs was found to kill the corona virus that caused Covid-19.

There has been a promising development of the corona virus, which has infected more than 24 million people worldwide and has killed more than 824 thousand people.…

British Sky News has announced that research at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), which operates under the UK Ministry of Defence, has discovered a substance that kills the corona virus that causes Covid-19. Scientists found that a material called Citriodiol, found in fly repellent sprays, killed the corona virus.


Having publicly shared the initial results of the research, DSTL announced that Citriodiol had killed other species of the corona virus. While investigations on the issue are ongoing, it was noted that simply squeezing the fly drug would not be a stand-alone solution against the corona virus.

It was stressed that citriodiol was made from oils derived from eucalyptus leaves and trunk, while it was transferred that the British Armed Forces stored fly medicines. Reuters news agency quoted Sky News as saying the drugs were stored using Citriodiol instead of the chemical called DEET.

Source: Tersbakis