24 September 2020

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Pandemic process boosted hernia of waist and neck

A specialist in brain and Neurosurgery OPR, who noted that diseases of the lower back and neck hernia increased in the pandemic. Dr. "There has been a significant increase in the number of patients with lower back and neck hernia due to the inability to do regular sports, weight gain and decreased amount of movement due to environmental factors, "Alper Alabulut said.

Experts note the increase in spinal diseases due to a significant decrease in society’s mobile lifestyle during the pandemic period.

Brain and Neurosurgery specialist Opr, who points out that spinal diseases occur by affecting the weight of the human body and a person’s lifestyle. Formerly known as the disease of the age of 50 and beyond, today go down to the ages of 20 and 30.

“Adopting a sedentary lifestyle, the introduction of technological equipment such as telephones and computers into our lives, the decrease in the need for manpower and movement has been effective in this case. Degeneration (deterioration), spondylosis (calcification) and hernia disease, which we know as a hernia of the waist, neck, are often observed, especially as a result of the appearance of disorders of use of novelties and weakening of the muscles and connective tissues around the spine.”

Complaints increased as mobile life decreased
Pandemic process boosted hernia of waist and neck
About 9 months in the process of the pandemic in our country, there is a significant decrease in the moving lifestyle of the society reminding op. Dr. Alper Alabulut, passed on the following information:

“It is observed that people with degenerative spine disease have an increase in recurrence or complaints in their diseases, while those who do not have new diseases begin. Especially in patients with spine calcification, hernia and canal narrowing, who are 60 years of age and later, there has been a decrease in the amount of leaving home and exercise practices of the body, as well as a significant increase in progress and complaints in their existing diseases. As a result, the likelihood of unpredictable and emergency response situations has increased.“

They are trying to live with partial paralysis due to fear of the virus

In the group of young patients, especially paravertebral muscle and connective tissues around the spine, referred to as regular sports, weight gain and movement due to environmental factors due to the decrease and weakening of the number of patients with lower back and neck hernia experienced a significant increase in the number of OPR.Nov. Dr. Alper Alabulut said, ” there are patients who are trying to continue their lives with permanent neurological defects and partial strokes that disrupt the treatment of spinal diseases due to the concerns caused by the pandemic.

Especially with severe pain, last for 1 month and drug-resistant pain of living, distinctive sensation loss, numbness, tingling, symptoms such as burning, starting in the version we call neurological defect most importantly the leg, leg, hand and arm use in everyday transactions is seen at levels that make it difficult for you to make and reliable persons with new onset weakness immediately Health a penny, and we encourage you to contact particularly brain and nerve surgery specialist” was in the form.

The secret to preventing spinal diseases is exercise

Opr. Dr. Alper Alabulut also made the following suggestions to prevent the formation or progression of spinal diseases during this period: “in particular, individual exercise practices should be performed, regular walking, swimming should be performed with reliable conditions. The hours of use of vehicles such as computers, phones, televisions should be reduced, and when they have to be used for a long time, various waist and neck protective exercises should be applied with a break every 30-45 minutes Dec. Weight should not be taken, while the body mass index should be kept as low as 30 as possible.

In order to protect the spine, joints and bone tissue, attention should be paid to nutrition, and habits that harm the body, called bad habits, should be reduced or terminated. Diseases, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes neglect, and must apply to be considered despite all this, the neurosurgeon saw the need for surgery, treatment must be implemented without delay.”