24 September 2020

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Fertilizer bags spark controversy: Turkish city of Idlib

Syrian civil war remained in the background due to the coronavirus. But Reddit users are still living the war. Sometimes even a bag of fertilizer can lead to controversy

In a photo taken on the fertilizer bags in Syria, the city of Idlib were shown as belonging to Turkey.

A photo taken in Syria that shared by a user on Reddit, sparked controversy. On a fertilizer bag, the following is written in Arabic texts:

“Turkey, Idlib. Kfar Yahmoul ATV 2131. – 2144 The net 9 kg + 22 The price is 200 pounds, valid for two years from the date of production. Not responsible for poor general storage. “

The manufacturer of the bags on which Idlib is written as a Turkish city is unknown. What is written on a fertilizer bag caused interesting discussions between the people who are supporters of the two countries.


Idlib is a city in northwestern Syria, 59 kilometers (37 mi) southwest of Aleppo, which is the capital of the Idlib Governorate. The city is currently under control of Turkish Backed Rebels.